Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tratra ny Krismasy

Manahaona Namako,
Tena mahafinaritra ity herinandro lasa teo ity. Za nandray ny namako vaovao tamin'ny Alakamisy. Antsoiny hoe Elder Anderson. Elder Anderson ny anarany. Avy any Utah izy. Fa mangingina izy. Tsy miresaka laotra izy. Mampalahelo izany indraindray fa tsy maninona. Mila maharitra hatramin'ny farany. hahaha 
Well hello again this week. "Elder Schroedter, youre so maditra, what the mess!?" i know i know, but lemme explain the circumstance and the P-day yesterday. It all started when i woke up that morning (thats usually how a day starts). we got ready and left the house at 8 to cyber. cyberred a lil bit then took a 2 and a half hour bus ride to Manakambihimby, to play football with all the tana elders. took forever to get there...we tied btw. i played qb and you can pretty much call me Peyton Manning in his prime hahaha then we went to analakely the place where it really feels like Mexico in Mada haha its markets and sellers and this and that and whatnot. TONS of people indrindrindra because of Christmas. so we eat and go wait at the bus stop. (me and elder anderson) we lost the two mssionaries we were with in the crowd and they ventured on down the path and caught a bus haha so i was like...im not exactly sure the way home so lets go back to the bus stop! so we did. waited for AN HOUR. nothing. about twenty minutes into the hour the other companionship that lives with us shows up at the bus stop (different one than before) so we wait with them. all the while the darkest clouds have been gathering around. fetch, right? so were like lets start walking! so we do. we get going up this hill and people are just running down it frantically, i literally thought Godzilla was gonna pop out of a building or something, but no it had just started drizzling hahaha so we keep walking and eventually it starts pouring. we four wait under a little terrace thing. it slows to a drizzle and we continue walking. buses go by but they ae jammed full. traffic is terrible so we keep walking. long story short and skipping details of town names to emphasize distance and what not, we walked ALL THE WAY HOME. total time 4 hours and thirty minutes. started walking at 3 then returned and waited at the bus stop at about 3 20. waited an hour and left about 4 20 the walk home. walked, waited about twenty five mintues under that roof thing, then continued on. got home at about 7 20. it was a great time! dont be jealous.
i would have to count that as my #TWP this week. #efficientroadsandbusses #ara-dalana
so we didnt get a chance to return to the cyber so my comp has to email president real quick and then we will go straight out to a time at 10. WHOOP.
I love Ambohimanarina though. I love trainning. Heres what ive realized in these short few days of having a new kid.
1. Im not THAT bad at Malagasy
2. I am still terrible at malagasy
3. I love malagasies and malagasy
I have talked more than ever (kinda have to) but ive been able to develop a much more personal level with investigators and this mission. i love it so much.
So if you didnt get the first few lines. I had a good week. My new companion is Elder Anderson. He is from Utah and is very quiet. I guess when i plead in my prayers for a white companion, after having a Malagasy, i learned that beggers cannot be choosers. he doesnt talk much so its kinda hard sometimes during the day. it has given me the chance to speak more malagasy to others around us when he doesnt talk (which is always haha) i love him though. hes a great kid. i am excited and ready to destroy it this week.
almost forgot. its Christmas this week! your challenge this week is to watch "He is the Gift" ASAP (i dont care how many times youve already watched it) and then share it with someone.
live the Christmas season. love the Christmas season. Share the Christmas seaon.
i love you all. the Savior loves you all.
Elder Schroedter
(azafady indrindra fa tsisy sary androany. tsisy fotoana)
[no pics ^^^]

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