Friday, December 12, 2014

A Whole Lotta Water!!

Well besides the fact that it has rained everyday per usual, we had even more water! This past saturday there were three baptisms. (pics to come) I had the opportunity to conduct two of the baptisms. here are details about the candidates:
Miora - how old is she? 9. yeah not the best possible, but everyone needs the gospel right? haha her family is less-active, well her mother was but since weve been teaching her she has been coming so thats good, but i have yet to see her father. apparently he works in Mahajanga - far away place. And she has a priest-age brother. We tried to get him to baptize her, but he said he wasnt ready to, so that kinda threw us back but then she picked me to do it so it was all good haha
Hery - He actually came up to us at church, probably my second week here and asked when he could be baptized. Weird huh? He is dating a member so...ya. BUT he accepted all the lessons, commitments, and Gospel. he is an awesome guy, he just lives about a 45 minute bus ride away...two buses actually then a ten minute walk from the stop haha but its worth it!
Serge - the final candidate. Serge has a great story. He learned from missionaries previous to me and randry (we white-washed) but when i got here his wife became very sick. four to five weeks later she actually passed away. It was tough. but luckily we were still able to teach him. He is awesome and remembers almost everything. He has two kids, thania and sergio, they are like 4 and 7. he sells shoes from 5 to 11 in the morning and learns from us twice a week around 2 then gets his kids from school at 4:30. I love this guy. Bad things happen, so what do ya do? you dont throw away what you know is good. I had the opportunity to do his baptism. stud.

Hope you all have a great week and dont get struck by lightning like i almost do every day ;) haha it just rains a lot and the Lords work aint stoppin. actually almost froze one day during a storm. it was saturday haha i could literally see my breathe and i almost ate it in the mud a couple times. fun day! hahaha 
i love you all! stay fresh! email me. do what you do right.
Elder Schroedter

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