Monday, March 30, 2015

                                                   A beautiful day/sunset for a baptism!!

Ny Fiainana

So "The Life" described:
I am Elder Schroedter. I now work in Mahajanga! or the only place in the mission that still baptizes in the ocean! That was a way cool experience even though i did not even do the baptizing. The sweat breeze blew our cares away as we watched the Spirit carry our golden investigator, Lucien, into the waters of baptism. I had the opportunity to interview him (mentioned last week) but he is SO awesome. He learns english with us, comes to church, got baptized, and (even before the baptism) comes to mission prep!
So my companion's name is Elder Obioma! He has a way cool story about comin on a mission and a lotta life lessons. He likes to use examples, especially when we teach and they are really good and apply perfectly. I gotta remember em. But he is great. he is teaching me a lot and im growing a lot. it was tough for me at first, changing to a new comp and area but i love this place. no matter how yellow my shirts get!
heres my third world prob:
not needing to shower because its that hot #sweatshowers #noacprobs #TWP
not knowing whether you smell like body odor anymore because its so often... #noacprobs #TWP
people asking you if you ever wash your clothes because your shirts are so discolored #anditwasallyellow #schroedtersweatglands #TWP
(if you got the reference to the first hashtag of the third TWP lemme know what its from!)
A little bit about Mahajanga - its humid. it has a beach. it is a two man province, which means it is just me and Elder Obioma out here. No other companionships, no district leaders, and no zone leaders. Time to be maditra! jus kidding. time to prove yourself! work! and speakin of work, thats what we do best. This past week we had 34 lessons, a baptism, 25+ hours of teaching, and a lotta bike riding. life is good!
quick spiritual thought on pride! i came up with the "Triple P" Pride Prohibits Potential. You never know how things can be if you are a little better. your challenge this week is to forgive someone, for truly a kind response turneth away wrath. who knows your potential when you are your best. take advice, learn it, love it. be humble.
i love you all!

Eldera SorĂ´dera (Elder Schroedter - name i spell in malagasy if people ask how to say it, which is every person i meet) 

Monday, March 23, 2015

HOT!!! HOT!!!

So as if getting on a plane was not enough this week, we happened to make a pitstop because who doesnt wanna stop in Anosibe (look up pics) now i can say ive been there. cool. but Mahajanga is great, let me first tell you one of the several ThirdWorldProbs that i have thought of.
Sweating so much you have to get a new planner... #nolongerinthefrocket #noairconditioner #TWP
(this next one counts as three)
Breaking your weak little backpack 'cause the amount of water you need to stay alive isnt light enough #malagasyquality #nocleanwaterotherwise #noairconditioner #TWP
i had a big ole email to send but my wonderful companion set his bag down and it undid a chord which happened to be my internet and that got cut so now its gonna be less. it was really just about me complainning how hot it is here. 
just imagine a nice hot and humid summers day in Katy, Texas...with no air conditioner anywhere but one room in your house...thats my life everyday.
its crazy how quick we come to love people, i love and miss my members back in Ambohimanarina and i already have a feeling of compassion for those here in Mahajanga.
i had the opportunity to do a baptism interview for a candidate who will be joining our church membership this Saturday. he is so mazoto, smart, and has such a good testimony. It just brings me back to the basics. They are important.
i hope yall have a great week! i love you all. Stay sweet
Elder Schroedter
pics of previous days to come, and maybe of the future...later
                                                       HELLO FROM MAHAJANGA

Hifindra toerna @ "Telo Lehibe!"‏

IM MOVING AREAS! that was the reason for the last email haha then we had a busy pday, sayin bye to missionaries and members and investigators so i apologize im breakin rules and coming here today but i had to write my president especially as well because i wont see him again for the rest of my mission because...

IM GOIN BIG THREE! so i know, yall dont care or have any idea what that means haha but its one of three areas you get to take a plane to, its one of four areas on the beach, only few missionaries get to go there (its often seen as a reward, but mostly [as in my case] happenstance) the name of it is Mahajanga. look it up right now and youll see beautiful pics of the beach, the classic baobab tree and other cool stuff. ill send more pics next week. no time this week for any (although i took like the exact same pic everyday but in different areas. its pretty dope) but next week! we had three baptisms this week, it shoulda been four but it didnt go through the interview, it made me really sad because i love these people and i just want them to progress, but my catchpharse here is "ya can't beat agency!"

well thats it for this week. i love you all!


Elder Grant Ross Schroedter