Monday, June 29, 2015

                                                           Another day in paradise!!

Ny Antony

"Faly mirahaba anareo androany ny tenako. Eldera SorĂ´dera ny anarako ary androany, te hiresaka aminareo mikasika ny Famerenana amin'ny Laoniny ny Fahafenoan'ny Filazantsara."
That was how i started my talk this past week. Yes, i was asked (more like told) to give another talk this past week. Its ok, i loved it! I spoke on the Restoration of the Fullness of the Gospel and thats pretty much gonna be my group email today.
Before i get into my talk ill just give you a recap of the week. we worked everyday. im healthy now dont worry. we spent time with members all of friday cause it was the day of madagascars independence! which is great. so we chillled and visited members thursday and friday. the work was pretty slow this week cause of preparations and people leaving town and stuff and what not. Mahajanga is still the best area of the mission and the best area youve ever been to and i love it! life is the mission and mahajanga.

So back to the talk, when church was supposed to start at 9 i was asked to give a talk haha but it was about the Restoration and thats like in every lesson of my teaching sooooo it was not a problem at all. I stood up and talked. started like what has been said above, and began.
The Reason/The Why: First off its important to note that we need authority to do the things we do. You wont pull over if a random car tells you that you forgot to put your blinker on or you wont necessarily quiet down in class unless the teacher or a principle tells ya to be quiet. We need authority in what we do! Without that authority our works are meaningless. 
When Jesus was on the earth he had that authority! He was set apart from the rest of us because he is God's Only Begotten Son. he had the authority. John baptized because he was ordained of God, not some school he went to to preach the gospel. Jesus wasnt baptized of John the Shoemaker, or the Bike fixer but John the Baptist! authority. we need it. The authority is like a key! (read Matthew 16:18-19) "Ianao no Petera, ary ambonin'ity vatolampy ity no haoriko ny fiangonako...Omeko anao ny fanalahidin'ny fanjakan'ny lanitra." ("You are Peter and upon this rock i build my church...i give unto you the KEYS of the kingdom of Heaven.") boom. authority. mazava ho azy, Jesus died and later the apostles died and there was no successors. no one to continue writing the Bible. no more authority! lasa. so the authority is gone but God already knew it would happen! lets look at Amos 8:11-12 - The people are searching for spiritual safety but cant find it! theres a famine in the land. or in other words no authority. Ephesians 1:10 there will be a restitution of all things in the fullness of times. We can talk about experiences during Jesus' life. Matthew 7:21-23 (summarizing) Not everyone who calls "Lord, Lord." will enter into my kingdom. But the people have done great things in the name of Christ (casting out devils, healings, etc.) but in the end Jesus says to them "Miala amiko ny mpanao-meloka" (get away from me ye doers of iniquity) what the flip? explain that one to me? no authority. its simple. Jesus set up a church here on earth (go back to Matthew 16 or see Ephesians 4:11-15 or Ephesians 2:19-20) and its called the Church of Christ. not the church of Luther (the Lutheran Church). not the church of Rome (the beginning of the Catholics - a few name changes here and there), not the Evangelists, etc. ya get it? if i set up a church it would be the Church of Elder Schroedter, right? its my church. but if its Christs let it be called Christ's chruch! "Render that of which is Caesers to Caeser and that which is God's to God." (John 7? sorry i dont remember where that one is exactly) We need the authority! we need Jesus Christ! and we need the same structure as before! (Ephesians 4:11-15). I know that when a church has the authority, when it is structered on Christs previous structure and when it is based on Christ and his teaching then it is the true church! "Toko telo mahamasa-nahandro" people! without all three bricks we cant cook our food! we need that foundation! i know it. i know it exists in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
That wasnt exactly my talk cause i still talked about Joseph Smith, but i'll get to him next week! have a great week! i love you all! send me an email. stay sweet.
Eldera SorĂ´dera

Saturday, June 13, 2015

                                                    Tried pig ear.  It was gross!!
                                                                 Green and blue.
                                                      Church in Antananarivo.

Ahoana ny Fandehana?‏

Well the fanehana is mandeha-ing. So as you saw from this weeks pics i went places! heres the explanation haha so for those of you who dont know, we are gettin a new mission president next month! (Richie will miss the old one by two or three weeks - sorry bud) so we got flown in for the last zone conference! (well that was the plan.) so we were supposed to leave tuesday after noon around 4. check. we made it on the plane. so since there arent many airports or travellers in the lands of madagascar we stopped in Anosibe before venturing to tana. so they make us get off the plane while they check stuff and we are waiting. and waiting and waiting. finally after about an hour they get over the intercom to tell us there is a mechanical problem with the plane and that we cant go so we'll leave tomorrow morning they say. well some people were ticked cause they actually had to go places but me and Elder Heiden were loving it! we got put in the Royal Beach, a four star hotel accross the island. i wasnt mad as you could see by the pics. it took about forty minutes to drive accross the island to the hotel. but we got there. and i took pics. didnt sleep very too nice. so in the morning we drove back accross the island and it was a beautifl sight. so fresh. so clean. then we got on our plane and got to zone conference. missed half of it but i gotta drive through my old area and that was cool. tana was pretty cold and not humid so that was a blessing. my body was feeling so not use to it  being there. so the next day we were suppoed to go back. plane got delayed four hours. nice one Air Madagascar. nice one. anyways we finally got back thursday night and i love being home. we did work and still got over 20 lessons on the week. i love this work!
now for the third world probs:
having to stay the night in Anosibe cause of third world aircarrier systems #thirdworldprobs?

your bed being too soft so you cant sleep but three hours #fourstarhotel #TWP

fasting in mahajanga, so when you end it later and then drink 2 liters of water before bed and dont have to get up at all during the night #TWP?
anyways! have a great week and remember that i love you! i get at least another transfer here in paradise! love life! 
Eldera Schroedter

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Week of Weeks!!

    Well, I have very limited time right now, the comp is waitin!

     So these past two weeks were unlike any other and i shared basically it all in pics. I had the once in a life time experience to baptize in the ocean.  It truly was magnificient. I ate cow tongue, and hopefully later today or tomorrow i can get some horse! maybe later some cat. Its africa! A couple weeks ago i had the opportunity to give a talk in sacrament meeting. My Branch President called and asked that sunday morning at 7 and i was like "ha yeah no problem." safe to say it went way well and i even had people come up to me after and say i spoke too fast (haha); it was a good confidence booster for the language.
     Every day is an experience with love and joy. I am so grateful to be here. Look forward to more pics next week!
     Sorry its short but i hope the pics fill the rest! if you didnt get the pics...ask my mom. haha i love you all!

      Eldera Zana-tany (a nickname meaning "child of the land" - my member friends gave me haha cause i kept telling them the paths we should take like a native would)

 Stephano baptized his 2 twin sisters, Yvon baptized his mother and Elder Schroedter performed 3 baptisms,  Blessed day in Mahajanga, Madagascar 
Stephano, Yvon and Elder Schroedter...happy indeed

Stephano baptized his twin sisters

 Yvon baptized his mom
Elder Schroedter baptized a mom and 2 daughters
 Elder Schroedter performing a baptism
Witnessing a baptism
 Adolp (one his favorite investigators pounding rice!
 Adolp and his wife's sister in a lambahony (typical female attire in Mahajanga)
 sifting the chaff!! (symbolic for sure)
 because Sergio can
 a little cow tongue for a lunch snack
 Sister Judichaelle before opening the mission call!
 Judichaelle mission call from one beautiful Indian Ocean island to another in the South Pacific
chilling in paradise!