Monday, June 1, 2015

The Week of Weeks!!

    Well, I have very limited time right now, the comp is waitin!

     So these past two weeks were unlike any other and i shared basically it all in pics. I had the once in a life time experience to baptize in the ocean.  It truly was magnificient. I ate cow tongue, and hopefully later today or tomorrow i can get some horse! maybe later some cat. Its africa! A couple weeks ago i had the opportunity to give a talk in sacrament meeting. My Branch President called and asked that sunday morning at 7 and i was like "ha yeah no problem." safe to say it went way well and i even had people come up to me after and say i spoke too fast (haha); it was a good confidence booster for the language.
     Every day is an experience with love and joy. I am so grateful to be here. Look forward to more pics next week!
     Sorry its short but i hope the pics fill the rest! if you didnt get the pics...ask my mom. haha i love you all!

      Eldera Zana-tany (a nickname meaning "child of the land" - my member friends gave me haha cause i kept telling them the paths we should take like a native would)

 Stephano baptized his 2 twin sisters, Yvon baptized his mother and Elder Schroedter performed 3 baptisms,  Blessed day in Mahajanga, Madagascar 
Stephano, Yvon and Elder Schroedter...happy indeed

Stephano baptized his twin sisters

 Yvon baptized his mom
Elder Schroedter baptized a mom and 2 daughters
 Elder Schroedter performing a baptism
Witnessing a baptism
 Adolp (one his favorite investigators pounding rice!
 Adolp and his wife's sister in a lambahony (typical female attire in Mahajanga)
 sifting the chaff!! (symbolic for sure)
 because Sergio can
 a little cow tongue for a lunch snack
 Sister Judichaelle before opening the mission call!
 Judichaelle mission call from one beautiful Indian Ocean island to another in the South Pacific
chilling in paradise!

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