Monday, September 28, 2015

Akory Aby [nothing new] 28-Sep-2015

Hello Friends and Fam,

I am sorry for my absence of words, but my absence of work is no where to be found. I am just tryin' to kill it and give the Lord everything every week.. Things are great here. First things first, happy birthday to Kristi and Jonathan! (last tuesday?) love y'all, and also to sweet little Millie. I miss you cutie. gettin' so old (5). Oh secondly, I recently got two letters here! that doesn't happen much! One was from the Katy Third Ward (or whatever the name is now Grand Lakes or something) and the other from Emily Field. Just a heads up. I got 'em. probably came a couple weeks ago, but i just went to the office last Tuesday. responses to come...maybe. haha

Anyways, I am still in Ivandry. which is in Tana. Rich is still in Tamatave. I had an interview with president the other day and he may have mentioned we could be companions haha that would be sweet if rich could kill me out here! (be my last companion) he's doing great. I talk to him twice a week of so now a days. He's a great missionary, Elder Bassett.  

More about the area real quick. Another plus thirty hour teaching and finding week, with over 40 lessons again. hard work. the desire to quit increased each day. but no. not this time Satan. push through. smile. have a good time. serve. i love it. service with a smile. if you are truly serving, that smile will never be forced.

Agency is great. I can teach so many lessons but i cant pray for you. i can work so many hours but i cant drag you to church. The message is simple! learn, pray, search! just do it. your life will be changed for ever.

So a couple cool stories. Elder Cooley and I tracted into a two neighbors a while ago then he left. It turns out those two neighbors are brother and sister. and it turns out that pretty much every other neighbor by them is fam. we recently started teaching another sister and a nephew. the nephew has since dogged us every time and lied to us about not being home and ya ya ya. thanks chief. but the work is going well. i love it.

Another one...i forgot it. this message has been cut in about 4 piece. the current couldn't support the computer i was on so it died like three times then i switched to another one and then that died twice. #ThirdWorldProbs sorry peeps.

Oh last thing! i almost got in a fight this week! it was way funny. So last night i was walking to our last time at about 7 at night. it was already dark and I'm just walking up the busy path. a guy walking towards me outta no where cuts into a chest bumps and says "Miseur" and I push him off me like "ataovy serie letsy e!" (be serious dude) and he studders like four feet backwards cause he's drunk haha and he starts coming towards me again but luckily for him his friends stopped him haha another shove and he woulda been on the ground haha i dropped my pen and one of his friends helped me find it and was like "sorry man, have a good night" and me and my comp just laughed about it. thats the closest I've been to danger here. so dont worry.

I got some pics this week. But only from my comp. I lent my camera to our first counselor in the Bishopric. He got married last week and today hes going to South Africa to get sealed in the temple! good for Haja. solid guy. served a mission in Congo a year or two ago. anyways I got pics of a service thing we did for an investigator. and some other stuff.

i love you!


Elder Grant Schroedter

we played soccer a few weeks back against ankorondrano. we got destroyed haha they got new jerseys so we used their old ones.
one member in our ward literally has an american house. they have a pool. this is her sons wardrobe. hey batman.
the district. probably the most diverse one youll ever get. only one ute. one texan. a californian. a philipino. and a new zealander. oh and my malagasy.
building benches. we cut long wooden sticks. into smaller sticks with a hachet or saw then used the hachet to make em into points. 

thanks boy scouts. and thanks mission for giving me no endurance in my arms... 

Elder Calimpong choppin
our ballin investigator - Heritiana. Solid guy. stallion.

look whose in tana. the middle two i knew from mahajanga

oh Marinah. cheesin.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

14 Sep 2015 Message - Pictures - Tsisy Vaovao‏


      Dad, I loved your pics -- you've got crazy travel plans, holy cow you are going everywhere (San Fran, Portugal, NY). that's awesome. did i get a keychain? haha..   sorry i dont have much time.  still gotta send some pics for everyone. and i gotta make some brownies here soon (we call it mofo kadradraka) aka cockroach bread haha good stuff.

      Oh yeah, the Mahajanga story. so i get a call Saturday morning from the elders out there. he calls me and tells me he had a meeting with the branch president. but he never ended up showing. The Branch President apparently had gone for a swim. so the next morning they get a call from the counselor in the mission presidency telling them that the branch president drowned and passed away.  they had to go indentify the body and stuff and it was really sad. i loved Filoha Tahina.  he was a young guy. His wife just gave birth to their first child the day i left mahajanga so he is only like 9 weeks old right now. the wife is only 24. oh its way sad. i hope they are ok. death happens. God has a plan.

Mahajanga Branch President Filoha Tahina and his wife

     i love this work dad. i love these people. i love God. i love you.


Eldera Schroedter

Tsisy Vaovao‏

       Nothing new according to the title of this message. Just pics and love. oh and work. my other missionary friends will be annoyed but 30 plus hours of teaching and finding and 41 lessons. and a baptism. take that Satan!  hahahaha have a great week and enjoy the pics! love yall!

gettin the mane cut. guy stopped there and went and grabbed something and i got a lil scared haha

what keeps me organized. the areas. the people. the map.

cleaning the church.

girls cleaning. me taking pics haha
during the bap. taking pics. organ. songs programmed in. i wish i stuck with the learning.
anyone else digging the matching suspenders and pants? holy cow. style. Liazy! aka the bap candidate.
just workin my comp to sleep.
yes we are in the girls bathroom. it had the best lighting for pics!
the plaque i wear vs the one i dont...dang it tana. dirty.
hes literally mexican haha
these adorable things are my weakness.
coaxing his sipa.
Tsimahagaga. Just got back from Congo. his mission.
a view of tana.
the planner.
my ap's signature. itll be worth millions one day.