Sunday, September 20, 2015

14 Sep 2015 Message - Pictures - Tsisy Vaovao‏


      Dad, I loved your pics -- you've got crazy travel plans, holy cow you are going everywhere (San Fran, Portugal, NY). that's awesome. did i get a keychain? haha..   sorry i dont have much time.  still gotta send some pics for everyone. and i gotta make some brownies here soon (we call it mofo kadradraka) aka cockroach bread haha good stuff.

      Oh yeah, the Mahajanga story. so i get a call Saturday morning from the elders out there. he calls me and tells me he had a meeting with the branch president. but he never ended up showing. The Branch President apparently had gone for a swim. so the next morning they get a call from the counselor in the mission presidency telling them that the branch president drowned and passed away.  they had to go indentify the body and stuff and it was really sad. i loved Filoha Tahina.  he was a young guy. His wife just gave birth to their first child the day i left mahajanga so he is only like 9 weeks old right now. the wife is only 24. oh its way sad. i hope they are ok. death happens. God has a plan.

Mahajanga Branch President Filoha Tahina and his wife

     i love this work dad. i love these people. i love God. i love you.


Eldera Schroedter

Tsisy Vaovao‏

       Nothing new according to the title of this message. Just pics and love. oh and work. my other missionary friends will be annoyed but 30 plus hours of teaching and finding and 41 lessons. and a baptism. take that Satan!  hahahaha have a great week and enjoy the pics! love yall!

gettin the mane cut. guy stopped there and went and grabbed something and i got a lil scared haha

what keeps me organized. the areas. the people. the map.

cleaning the church.

girls cleaning. me taking pics haha
during the bap. taking pics. organ. songs programmed in. i wish i stuck with the learning.
anyone else digging the matching suspenders and pants? holy cow. style. Liazy! aka the bap candidate.
just workin my comp to sleep.
yes we are in the girls bathroom. it had the best lighting for pics!
the plaque i wear vs the one i dont...dang it tana. dirty.
hes literally mexican haha
these adorable things are my weakness.
coaxing his sipa.
Tsimahagaga. Just got back from Congo. his mission.
a view of tana.
the planner.
my ap's signature. itll be worth millions one day.

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