Friday, August 28, 2015

De Ahoana Misama‏

Hey Friends and Fam, how are you? been awhile since some info about life out here. nothing really new here. We killed it in stats this week though. enough being lazy! first of all, happy birthday to my beloved brother Taylor L Schroedter. stallion. hes on a cruise right now. yes i'm a lil jealous ha ha been a long time since water and what not.
so here's the vaovao from this week. we did work this week. taught 12 father led families (a big stat for us here-teaching the whole fam and whatnot) we got nearly 30 hours of teaching and contacting time. and had a good time with it too. 
cool story of the week. We are walking to the church to go teach english on wednesday. we hear this scream, don't think anything of it. we walk about 3 or four minutes down this path and here "Elders! Elders!" we turn around and see this African girl (coulda been malagasy) and she starts speaking french too us, and we're like in malagasy we say, uhhh no. then she speaks english and has been like "i've been looking for you guys forever! please come back to my house real quick! please please please." so we reluctantly follow here. she refers to us as mormons (not common) and never as missionaries. so ok...we get back to the place we heard the scream (it was her but she never called out elder or anything...)so we go up to this way  way way nice apartment. and shes like hold on, she goes into her room and brings out a bom trip deck and a little new testament study guide in french and me and Elder Cooley are just like"...what??" and shes like "oh i'm a member! i am from cameroon. i'm so happy to finally find you guys. i got here on saturday. wheres our church?" and we end up sharing a lil spiritual thought and talk a lil bit and it was way weird cause the whole time we are holding back malagasy and unable to speak english. ha ha her name is Yolange. she is working here or something. we picked her up for church and we had some mahay french speakers translate for her. she had a good time. way cool experience.
besides that...just work! finding new people and having a good time about it! we have 7 soare├Ęs planned this week...YES! people like my companion and we got a lot of dinner times ha ha transfers are next week! i have a strong feeling i will be training. way excited! oh also this past week we went on a split with the zone leaders. (who work in my old tana area) BUT i got chosen to stay in my area so my comp could go out there. had a lotta fun though. i went with Elder Covey! we came in country together and went on a split about this time (add two weeks) last year down in antsirabe. we are a lotta better at malagasy now thank goodness ha ha i love that kid. it was fun! oh yeah and we had a baptism! Sr Suzanne! she is a way cool lady that has been learning for about four months. way good spirit. way cordial and i love her! Elder Cooley baptized her this past saturday. it was a good experience!
and today we played soccer in the morning. we lost. it was 8 on 8 on a big field for only that many. it was way fun. we lost though 8-6 (i scored 4. confidence boost.) like i sent last week, i got new cleats and its weird to wear cleats again. it felt so goooood. way better at kickin. got a lil scratched on one of the goals i scored but no worries cause i scored right? ha ha
well, work hard! play harder during that time. don't let life get too serious. don't forget who you are and what you are doing here. if you don't know what you are doing here talk to the missionaries in your area. i love you all! stay sweet!
Eldera Sorodera 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Few Words for the blog Followers...busy in a new Area - Ivandry

Few Words in August 2015, but lots of pictures of the people and country he's grown to love!

 Saying Good Byes to friends in Mahajanga

 So long Mahajanga...back to the capital and the Ivandry area
 New Companion Elder Cooley - great camaraderie from Day 1
 Kids love having their picture taken
 Elders and Sisters smiles--not much better than that
 plan, plan, plan with the planners
 Investigators - gent on the right to be baptized this weekend
 Grant loves the little one!
 New suit for < $50....
inside lining is stylin!