Monday, March 23, 2015

HOT!!! HOT!!!

So as if getting on a plane was not enough this week, we happened to make a pitstop because who doesnt wanna stop in Anosibe (look up pics) now i can say ive been there. cool. but Mahajanga is great, let me first tell you one of the several ThirdWorldProbs that i have thought of.
Sweating so much you have to get a new planner... #nolongerinthefrocket #noairconditioner #TWP
(this next one counts as three)
Breaking your weak little backpack 'cause the amount of water you need to stay alive isnt light enough #malagasyquality #nocleanwaterotherwise #noairconditioner #TWP
i had a big ole email to send but my wonderful companion set his bag down and it undid a chord which happened to be my internet and that got cut so now its gonna be less. it was really just about me complainning how hot it is here. 
just imagine a nice hot and humid summers day in Katy, Texas...with no air conditioner anywhere but one room in your house...thats my life everyday.
its crazy how quick we come to love people, i love and miss my members back in Ambohimanarina and i already have a feeling of compassion for those here in Mahajanga.
i had the opportunity to do a baptism interview for a candidate who will be joining our church membership this Saturday. he is so mazoto, smart, and has such a good testimony. It just brings me back to the basics. They are important.
i hope yall have a great week! i love you all. Stay sweet
Elder Schroedter
pics of previous days to come, and maybe of the future...later

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