Monday, March 23, 2015

Hifindra toerna @ "Telo Lehibe!"‏

IM MOVING AREAS! that was the reason for the last email haha then we had a busy pday, sayin bye to missionaries and members and investigators so i apologize im breakin rules and coming here today but i had to write my president especially as well because i wont see him again for the rest of my mission because...

IM GOIN BIG THREE! so i know, yall dont care or have any idea what that means haha but its one of three areas you get to take a plane to, its one of four areas on the beach, only few missionaries get to go there (its often seen as a reward, but mostly [as in my case] happenstance) the name of it is Mahajanga. look it up right now and youll see beautiful pics of the beach, the classic baobab tree and other cool stuff. ill send more pics next week. no time this week for any (although i took like the exact same pic everyday but in different areas. its pretty dope) but next week! we had three baptisms this week, it shoulda been four but it didnt go through the interview, it made me really sad because i love these people and i just want them to progress, but my catchpharse here is "ya can't beat agency!"

well thats it for this week. i love you all!


Elder Grant Ross Schroedter

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