Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Not Ready, But Willing!

First off before i forget, here are the challenges and third world probs for the week. I'll start with the probs...

1. tin roofs. but its okay cause i didnt wanna teach, be able to hear you, or go home at night when its POURING RAIN #TWP #whenitrainsitpours

2. rolling an ankle coming home at night 'cause your brick wall surrounding your house fell over #TWP #whenitrainsitstillpours

(this next one is a little personal and might disgust those with weak spirits hahaha)
3. not being able to sleep at night or nap during the day when your sick 'cause you're afraid you might need to shower and change afterward #TWP #hadsomebadchickenandalmostanaccident

haha so! on to spiritual things. this week we had Zone Conference! we went up to Andrainarivo in Tana where the office is located and had a stellar conference. We talked about obedience, gossip, pride, the present, past and future (see blog for details - i dont know how to attach the powerpoint to this) questions, and the relationship between testimony and conversion. we read David A Bednar's talk from a few conferences ago called "Converted Unto the Lord." It was amazing. your challenge this week is to read that talk, maybe share it with someone, and for sure get back to me about what you got out of the talk and what you plan to do about it.

Shout out to the Brinleys for being FREAKIN AWESOME. i love Dutch chocolate. and shout out to the fam (mom) for the package. I love you two families especially much. thank you so much. i could taste the love in all the candies and stuff i got. the food may almost all be gone. fruit snacks are my favorite.

What else happened this week? Lets run through a normal day here. I get up, go to the bathroom haha then study from like 8-11? try to get out to work by twelve, already having been dressed and eaten and such. So we get out and go eat at this hotely called Snack Box (real name - Box'nack) something like that but its way good. they serve vary and laoka. vary is rice and laoka is the meat and beans/stuff it comes with. haha we eat there usually twice a day, but usually the rice and laoka is gone by night time so we usually have soup. We know the whole crew that works there and they know us haha i almost have all the names memorized, we got a pic with them! sometimes we get there real late and its not really open but they still hook us up. i love em. then after that we might grab an ice cream or two down the street then head out to ambohimanarina for work! we take usually two taksibes to get to the desired destination. our area is huge so theres like four different busses you could take. the areas have cool names like Ambodihady or Ambodamita or Morondava (remember the "o" makes the "oo" sound haha) contact for like 2 to three hours a day with three or four lessons thrown in there. its all good fun. this week we've been takin a lotta pics cause this is Elder Randrianatenaina's last week, he leaves TOMORROW! weird...so i gotta distribute all these pics hes had washed to members and investigators.

so you've probably forgotten about the title of the email but now i've struck your curiousity again...well! i am going from complete opposite ends of the companionship spectrum. you may have guessed it cause i told you early, i am training! i go from killin one companion to birthing the next. weird huh? sorry mission lingo comin out there...i am still bad at the language but im so excited! i definitely know ill improve and Heavenly Father will be there for me in my struggle. plus if you ask brother Aldous (mtc teacher whose email is in this giant list) im kinda maditra sometimes so itll be a chance to grow and learn! haha (ask Aldous what maditra means if you want to know the definition)

well i am excited to get this new Elder! trainers/trainee meeting is on thursday so details to come! there are only three elders coming in, one from America, one from French-polynesia, and another from Vanuatu (Remember one of my mtc comps, Elder Tavo? well this guy is his bestfriend) crazy huh! im excited!

well pics to come! i love you all! have a great week and remember your challenge haha


Elder Schroedter

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