Monday, December 1, 2014


wow its already december! bout to hit the five month mark...anyone miss me yet? hahaha

well i had a great week this week! many pics and maybe a video...where to start! hmmm maybe with the fact that i still do not have the plague nor do i plan to ever contract that terrible disease haha im takin my doxy...pretty usually...dont worry! how is everyone elses health? ao tsara ve? 

so how was everyones thanksgivings? thanks for the pics to like the two or three that sent me some. i love you indrindrindrindra (especially). haha its way fun to say! cause the dr is like "g" try it.

well this week was flippin awesome! it all started when we got dogged upon signing off the cyber. we called the guy and was like, "no, not today because its too late" gypsy. BUT! we were outside the cyber and me and koplins companions go back into cyber haha (they got dogged too) but this way drunk guy comes up to us and is like "hey, do yall speak english! cause i dont" (in english) and we are like "this is gonna be fun hahah" we have a hilarious conversation half in malagasy and english. i got his pic so you can see him hahaha we tried to talk about the church, but he was like, "lemme tell you why my people are not good", or something like that haha i loved it!

then on tuesday we had an average day, tuesdays are always way good, we teach most of our solid investigators then. but at the end of the day, as per usual it starts raining. it kinda let up and we were like...ndao isika! (lets go!) so we started the mile run to the main started pouring. we get to the main road, traffic is a we ran at least another mile home...needless to say i was drenched and it took my shoes about two days to dry haha but it was a good time!

wednesday was even better! it was Elder Koplin's birthday! so we convinced our companions to do a split so i spent the day with him haha dont worry the real reason was because my area had three baptism interviews and Kopes comp is the District Leader, aka the interview conductor so manao'ed the split. we started it off right by gettin cokes at the local grocery store, shoprite. its two thou for a glass bottle which is a liter, but you can return the glass bottle and get 600 back so its like 1400 for a liter, which is like 50 cents. its nice. truly. so then we went to the sinoa(chinese) eating place. and the owners are inactive so we usually get deals but especially that day for Koplins birthday. then we get to our first time (this is in Kopes area btw) but hes not home so we continue through rice patty trails. and these guys are fishing in the mud (a lil bit of water) but like straight mud. we ask if they need help kinda jokingly and they said sure, so we were like why not! service and contacting! we roll up our pants right above the knees and hope in...*slurp* mid-thigh...oh well, literally five seconds in kope snags one with his hand. (its all bare hands btw) then like 10 minutes later i grab one, it was way fun!

we walk home and wash up, and this whole time we are just talkin about like everything. lemme tell you how nice it is to have an english companion...with Randry we barely talk haha soooo we go to the next lesson and we totally kill it. we taught so well together and it was flippin awesome. then we ate at a members, then again at the nicest place i have ever seen in mada. called Gastros Pizza. an amazing day, needless to say.

then thursday was Thanksgiving! average work day, but we killed it for dinner as a house. especially for four 18/19 yr olds. the pics will show but just know it might be one of my favorites of all time...sorry Mom...

and now its monday! yay! haha well i hope you all have a great week! ill leave you with my challenge and third world problem haha

your challenge this week is to read the Sacrament prayers and think about the three things you committed to do when you were baptised and the promised blessing you are guaranteed if you keep the three. write down two ways you could be a better disciple of Christ. the scriptures are found in Moroni, chapters 4 and 5, and doctrine and covenants, chapter 20, verses 77 and 79 but may i suggest reading 75-79. Hope you do it! please report!

third world today we are riding in a taksibe (bus/vans that taxi everyone around) and our van was goin along and the door bounced off the hinge and almost swung off but i caught it haha 

ratchet cars driving on ratchet roads equals a swingin time #TWP

love you all! have a great week! hope you love the pictures!


Elder Schroedter

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