Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ny Taom-baovao

How was everyones Christmas? I didnt get many pics from people (besides my father) so you all didnt celebrate it? apostate. haha i hope all was well and everyone enjoys the new year and they realized its still not till the next till i am even close to coming home. oh and aza maditra! haha time is flying and i love it! cant believe i went in half way through this year and this year is now over. how crazy is time? soon i will be at a year then my chick-mish haha i just really wanted to say that term. 

so we didnt do much this week, besides skype and have a couple Christmas parties (zone conference and branch party) it was a good time! haha i especially enjoyed skyping my wonderful fam and i hope they put pics on the blog cause i look good...haha really because i love them! i miss them but it almost feels like i have never left. Tantely tapa-bata fa ny fo mameno azy. So that is an ohabolana or a proverb in malagasy. i love this one, it means "Half a pot of honey, but the heart will fill the rest." some other ones are like "Lasa ny mamba dia misosaka ny voay" or "Ny biby manan-doha tsy mandeha" they are fun to remember and say to people. I use this one all the time when teaching about the Book of Mormon or the Church- "Toko telo mahamasa-nahandro" which literally means "Three bricks will make ripe the food." which basically states the simplicity three things which rely on a bigger thing. maybe its the other way around, but read the last paragraph of the Introduction to the Book of Mormon and youll understand.

SO! Crazy story of the week! We tract into this guy, totally random and he lets us in. Although the gate interaction went something like this - 

Me (malagasy) - Hello we are missionaries from the Chruch...(long) have you seen our church?
Thompson - Yes i have, there are a lot. But just a sec, i have my own faith. yall are the Mormons right?
Me - Yes, where do you pray?
T - Im evangelist, but see here. I dont wanna become Mormon, but can i just learn from you guys?
T (english) - If i learn from you, do i have to be baptised?
Me (malagasy) - no but its part of our purpose but you dont HAVE to be. it depends on the person and how they feel.
T (malagasy) - okay come in...

turns out this guy is way mahay (to be good at) at english and he is probably the smartest malagasy i know. he let us(me haha) teach and i did all in malagasy with a few english words here and there, but he asked a ton of questions. he told me an experience and his theory on the creation and it was beautiful (he started off by saying, i will tell you in english so your friend can understand) haha and it was beautifully retold in English. I dont have time enough to tell the story but know that it was amazing. he is the smartest and most concerned person i have seen when it comes to religion and scripture. we go again to his house on tuesday and i am way excited. remind me to tell you the story!

well i have a few pics and a video for everyone! i love you all and have a great week!



Elder Schroedter

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