Sunday, August 10, 2014

MTC - Week #2

How are you all? im just peachy thanks. just wanted to start out and say CONGRATULATIONS to SISTER DANIELLE WARDINSKY on her mission call to T^2. i love it :)
Second of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARISSY SIS. i love you and i hope you had an amazing day on Sunday, wish i coulda been there too see you and to see Capri crawl.

Well mission life is greaaaaaat as per usual. yesterday felt like it was Sunday and today no temple :( cause the pioneers...haha #mormonprobz
I'm going to get all my thank you's out now...
TnT - thank you for the sweet food and puns. love ya.
Family - thank you for the sweets and snacks (all the missionaries loved their candies, they say thank you) [btw i tried to change the time on the watch and now it doesnt work. muh.)
Amah and CC (Chase and Capri) - thank you for the snacks and notes. love ya too.
Brinley's - thank you for the package and sweet words of encouragement. love ya. (please please tell them as i dont have there emails)
All the rest - thank you for the notes and dearelders. i love em. keep em coming please.
Well i guess the Lord heard my joke last thursday...on sunday i was interviewed by our Branch President and he extended the calling of District Leader to me. i graciously accepted. (previous zone leaders were leaving that tuesday and our previous district leader and his companion filled there shoes, which were big cause the previous ZL's were like 6'8" and 6'6") hahaha seriously tho.
I have the opportunity to bear testimony about and if not more then 10 times a day to my district (more if you count malagasy to strangers), lead discussions, prayers, and meetings, and get the MAIL! mail time, mail time, mail time, maaaa-iiillllllllll tiiiiiimmmmmmeeeeee! (name that show) its great and i love it. its good pressure. it makes me stronger.
This past sunday we had the opportunity to listen to T.C. Christensen (movie maker - Work and Glory, 17 Miracles, videographer in the Testaments) and that was pretty interesting, not my favorite but it was cool to learn about the pioneers. All the stories he shared in his meeting from the movies...turns out he made them up...oh well what do ya do. haha on tuesday we heard from Stanley? Stanley G. Ellis of the seventy and his 9 children who all served missions. (3 in brazil, 3 in france, 2 in portugal, and one currently in korea) cool stuff. At the tuesday night devotional i saw Elder Parker Taylor and Sister Aisha Graham (both attend the West campus so devotionals are the only time id see em)
i didnt get the opportunity to host yesterday :/ but i did see Elder Jack Varvel and gave him a hug. just gonna say 9 weeks would suck...haha and i havent seen Elder Diego Heredia, yet.
Here are a couple quotes that i like and have heard. Dani shared this one to me

"God does not begin to work on us by asking about our ABILITY but only about our AVAILABILITY and then if we prove our DEPENDABILITY he will increase our CAPABILITY."
heres a Malagasy district motto:
Heres mission life: (dont worry i wont go through every meal like tay)
Alatsinainy, Alarobia, Zoma, sy Sabotsy (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday) - 11 hr classroom fun, and about an hour of gym time
Talata (Tuesday) - Hour of service in the morning then gym time, four hours of class time, and devotional, district devotion review, and leadership training
Alakamisy (Thursday) - PDAY - temple time at 7 a.m., laundry and workout time, and four hours of class at night
Alahady (Sunday) - Leadership training, sacrament, priesthood, temple walk *cough 3:45-4:45* district meetings, maybe choir (theres just so many missionaries, a lot get turned away due to lack of seating), devotional, and devotional review.
oh gym time consists of either soccer, (they just reopened the gym [closed for refurbishing]) so basketball, or lifting weights. mainly soccer and now b-ball. ive have scored at least once everytime ive played (went one gym time without a goal) sad day. but we always close sweat time with ab workouts and pullups and maybe push-ups. do em with me and when i say that i mean do them once a day. a minute and a half of russian twists, a minute and a half of planks, a minute of flutter kicks, and a minute and a half of wall sit ups. for russian twists bring your legs up off the ground and your back off the ground so its just you sitting up like that and twist your shoulders. planks are planks. flutter kicks include laying on your back with your feet six inches off the ground and moving them opposite up and down in short motions (sit on your hands for an easier time) and wall sit ups - put your toes against the wall and do sit ups haha make sure you put your hands to the walls each time you go up. good luck. id send you picks of the six but thats probably not mission appropriate. 
Life is great, the same, different, weird, long, short, and all the rest. its fun...
So every night leaving the classroom, our district sings hymns from the fifth floor, all the way back to the fourth floor of our residence halls. its awesome. i have never sung this much ever. i hate forgetting lyrics # missionprobz but its really spiritual. i miss music. the power that it brings in life is so true and strong. dont underestimate it. 
I love you all. I am still waiting on the difference you prayers have made on your lives. DearElder me. Glad to hear all are safe and back in there homes or vacation spots.
Elder Grant Ross Schroedter

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