Sunday, August 10, 2014

1st week in the MTC

Manahoana fianakaviana!

Fahasalamanareo? Salama ve? Tianareo Ianao.

Look that up and get back to me! haha good luck :) 

Well its finally PDAY! we got gyped last thursday and obviously they start today. I sent a letter to Marissa (with one for marissa and one for the fam in it since yall wont be home till tuesday anyway) please send me email addresses of: Capri first, Shelby, Josh, Andrew and Aub too, Garrett, Kristi and Millie, Marissa, Chase, Taylor, Taryn, and when Cay gets one him too. Oh and rich and scott. And any friends who you think would like all this (i.e. Andersens, Fairwells, Andersons, Andersons and whoever) please forward mom and dad to fam. Misoatra (me-so-cha aka thank you).

Well MTC life is glamorous. Pants 6-7 days a week, suits 2, companions together 24/7.  I think ive already gained 5 lbs, but...happens. The first few days were looooooooong like i mean, imagine youre on a planet (mercuary?) where the year is actually longer than the day. psh-ya. but ever since sunday its like the snap of your fingers. literally feel like yesterday was sunday.  One guy said it like this, "days feel like weeks, then looking back, weeks feel likes days." true story. 

i hope the reunion went well and good, glad i got to miss it when my family was in charge so i didnt have to do any of the real work haha ;) maybe the Lord heard that and decided i needed 2 years of straight, nonstop work. 

So my purpose as a missionary....lets see if i can quote PMG like Tii was sayin. "Your Purpose: Invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end." (PMG, pg 1)  oh and i promise i dont have it with me.

Well the MTC is as i have dreamed, a vacation, a spa, a prison. Ok none of those are true but it feels like the third one might be the closest description. all the buildings look the same, food is probably just as nutritious, life is a schedule, and everyone is dressed the same (mainly in black and white). At least in prison you can nap a lot and still have your religious books with you.  Im not much of a napper, but i will be after this mission. Please keep the DearElders and letters coming, i love them.

Mom or probably Dad, please call or face to face tell Arlene and I think it was Margeret, for there sweet notes and thoughts.  Definitely felt there love for me and all of ya'lls love from me in your letters and notes. thank you. also tell the freezes thanks for the kripsy kreme donuts. #jusgonnagetfatter love em :) i plan to write them notes back as well.

As far as my district goes, we got some pretty solid fellas...elders...fellders? great guys! elders! whatever haha there are thirteen of us, and usually with a district over ten they'd split, but im glad they didnt. we are all like brothers all ready. we sing a lot (and well i might add) study together, eat together, and pretty much everything else.  its great! 

so the thirteen of us in the district all goin to Mad and our lifestories: 

Elder Schroedter - great guy, probably my favorite. blonde hair, blue eyes, and dashingly good looks, from Texas. thats all you need to know.
Elder Johnson (one of my comps) - vegas boy, went to a year of college in new york playing volleyball, funny guy, awesome attitude, and he has traveled around a lot.
Elder Tavo (my other comp) - awesome guy, but doesnt speak much. he is from Vanuatu (island in the pacific sorta near fiji) and he speaks pislama? idk bout the spelling but sorta similar to english. he likes futbol and me and him play all we can on the field out there

Elder Riech - Kaysville, UT
Elder Hammer - Orem, UT

Elder Coplin - Idaho Falls, ID
Elder Covey - Draper, UT

Elder Delbar - Cali
Elder Morse - eeesh idk sorry

Elder Pinson - South Carolina (he is the guy who friended me on FB like three months ago)
Elder Coleman - Kanaab, UT

Elder Ahlstrom - Arizona
Elder Rasmussen - UT i think

(^^^ separated in companionships  ^^^)

More details to come on these elders, i could tell you all about them now but in the essence of time, i aint got much left. They are great guys.

I know you all are thinking, "Elder G money, are you district leader?" and sadly to disappoint, i am not. But i do get a solid workout for my legs in every day because we travel from building to building frequently and for each building we are at the top floors. the Lord know we are on a walking mission in Madagascar. for example, bed rooms: 4th of four floors, class room: 5th of 5 floors, temporary sunday class rooms: 3rd of 3 floors. its great really.

This weeks sacrament meeting was on the Book of Mormon. it was awesome. devotional Sunday night was on Charity. a beautiful subject which you should all study. Really opened my eyes. Tuesday devotional was on the sacred nature of Jesoa Kristy, our mpanonjy (Savior).

Its all good stuff. Just started the Book of Mormon and really focusing on the stories and trials of the people. 

Well, I love you all. thank you for reading and if you have specific questions please shoot em my way.  Again, thank you for your support. I am truly blessed. You are all in my prayers. Oh real quick, fun fact: Prayer is the answer, and the answer to your prayers will guide you. Prayer really helped me in the first few days. I think on thursday night i said a 15 minute prayer. at night they average, 7-10 minutes. i would encourage you all to really focus on prayer as you go throughout the next week and please write me how it was changed your day, sleep, attitude, or whatever.


Elder Grant Ross Schroedter

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