Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fearless Leader...

beginning week 4

MANAHOANA. whats good? hope everyone is doing tsara (good) and living well.
thanks first off for sharing your personal attributes you are working on. i have been working on patience the last two weeks. definitely have noticed a difference in my reactions. instead of caleb always buggin me (love you) its either other elders, the district, receiving answers to prayers, or other stuff that we have to be patient for. one time this guy decked me in basketball and i was a "little" upset haha naw i just didnt talk to him for like a few hours but i still responded but and i realized that that was one of my tests of patience. and i failed. but i have noticed other things or when annoying things do happen i do stop myself, and think. WWJD, or even WWJT (what would Jesus think). its been goin really well. pray specifically for help and you will receive.
so i'll tell you the new people i have seen this last week. just elder colter merrell, but it was cool cause mom, you had just mentioned the merrells in a dearelder. hes over at the west campus and i only see him tuesdays and sundays (maybe, devotionals).
On sunday i no longer had the title - FEARLESS LEADER - haha i was released as district leader. kinda stinks, but others need the opportunity to grow and experience the things i had. i loved it, i miss it, i hope to be a leader in the field. which brings me to my next point...
ELEVEN DAYS TO MADIGASIKARA! whadddddup. not countin down or anything. (if you try to count down, time slows down) its great haha but still! next monday we'll be off! i'm way excited to make a fool of myself in Malagasy!! whoop. we get our flight itinerary tomorrow. sucks that i cant tell you bout it today, but it goes along the lines of: here to Cali - NY - London - South Africa- Mada and i heard we got a long layover in england so we might go tour (hopefully we can since i never got a senior trip, but i aint mad ;)
cool speakers of the last few devotionals:
John Groberg (AHHHH yes he is still alive haha) told the importance of bearing testimony to all. here are the six ways he emphasized: 
Think about those and how you bear testimony to others in those six ways.

we heard from the BYU President - Kevin J. Worthen
and the drought of apostles and prophets occurs as we keep our residence here in the MTC. literally 3 days before we came in there was one and none since. i aint mad. #missionprobz
BUT, i did see and hear and AMAZING talk David A. Bednar gave to the MTC on Christmas a few years back. please please please listen to it. it is called "Character of Christ." And talks about putting off the natural man, who turns inward and becoming more like Christ, who in times of despair or need would turn outward to others. amazing talk. please.
oh and a quick happy late birthday to Elder Timothy Andersen (birthday was on Alahady[sunday] the fahatelo[third] of Aogositra[august])
i am hopefully going to send some Book of Mormons home with my testimony in english and malagasy. idk how to send packages, but ill try. books for: richie, scott, dani, the fam, caleb, garrent, TandT, marissa, and for the most important who need it the most, my nonmembers: Stanton, Kennedy, and Marissa Crouch. if anyone could help in the deliverance of these, i would love you forever.
last little thought from this guy..elder...this elder guy. The gospel requires action. faith, christlike attributes, prayer, etc. and with out action on these concepts and principles, we can have no progression. and if we are not progressing, we arent staying still, but we are digressing. Always be working. Always be progressing. A couple little quotes that could apply, from Uchtdorf: "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith" and from Bednar (from Character of Christ) "The Church is always true, YOU are the one not being true to the church." some good stuff. please dont take it likely.
Oh and malagasy is great haha its not too bad. most verbs start with a "m" and a lotta those verbs can easily be changed to nouns that start with an "f" the words are long, random, hard to pronounce, but it is comin along. i love it >>> Tiako azy. 

Fantatro fa marina ny Fiangonana.
Elder G.R.Schroedter
p.s. thank you for the jacket, clothes, candy, treats, and other food and stuff. i love it. and i love you all. you feel so much love bein out here and you definitely appreciate it a lot more. thank you.

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