Sunday, August 10, 2014

Loving the P-days!!

how are you all? i love p-day
so first things first. a HUGE thank you to Danielle for the AMAZING package. i love it so much :) secondly for the letters and dearelders. love em. please dont stop sending em. send pics on email too, i love all the ones dad has sent. i do get them, yes.
still waiting on the responses from the prayer challenge from all of you, but thank you dad. (dad if you could forward the first two messages to rich and scott id love that and the rest of the fam.) oh and if someone could send me marissa and shelby and garretts emails. and caleb? (he have one yet) hows that little gypsy? i miss him like crazy its weird. i love him, please tell him that.

hows nauvoo? tell me all about it! wish i could be there, but at the same time im happy to get this MTC life over with. too much to handle haha #missionprobz
SO! people ive seen. i see Jack just about every day, cool kid. Diego? is he in Provo or Ghana, cause i havent seen him at all...gettin kinda worried. oh and i saw Sierra Eyring (idk if you remember her fam, but she was Elysa's room mate and hung out with us at Thanksgivin time) shes on the west campus and i just happened to see her at a devotional. i got an email from JJCUT (aka Elder Jaxon Curtis haha) hes down in mexico right now. oh and i saw Jacob Peterson! just before he left this past week i believe. he was also on the West campus. someone took a pic of us on his camera. hes goin to Ecuador? i think haha

Marissa's trip to New York sounded amazing. so many things, spiritual and not, crammed into just a few days. im jealous. lets go after as a family (doesnt count as senior trip) haha

the District is good. we all get a long and play a role in the family. being District leader is great. my testimony increases more and more especially as i get to share it constantly (malagasy or english) we have group prayer and a scripture every morning and each night we have a testimony and group prayer. we all eat together, sit together, almost everything. we laugh a lot, like over the stupidest things. we sing a lot too. were preparing a song as a group maybe to sing in a devotional (to EVERYONE) or maybe just a sacrament meeting (only our zone). our zone is so random. like georgia, lithuania, malaysia, singapore, and a couple other places, like what? how are any of those remotely related? lolz #WDYD oh as DL, i am responsible for the welfare of my district. i lead discussions over the devotionals, on sundays after church, extend commitments, share testimony a lot, tell people what to do (lovingly of course), make decisions for the crew, AND i get to get the MAIL twice a day and its like the best parts of the day.
uh i cant remember any other questions via dearelder that yall have sent, sooooo hopefully some were answered? email them too if you really want an answer ;) haha

id like to extend another challenge to all who read this (idk if this goes up to a blog but please do this). 
in preach my gospel chapter 6, its talks all about the Christlike Attributes. this week i have extended the commitment to the district to pick a specific one to work on themselves. also a companionship has been assigned each day to lead a discussion with the class. its been very uplifting. i would extend the commitment to all of you to pick a specific one (i.e. patience, humility, love and charity, diligence) and focus on it for a week. read scriptures about it, pray to obtain the attribute, pray for a specific experience to try the attribute, and really focus on it. i know that you will be blessed. i can already tell a difference in my daily life. (look at PmyG for scriptures and specific attributes)
im hopefully goin to get some pics to send via this deal so that will be on the next email.
i love you all and pray for you all individually every day. thank you for your love and your support. i miss you. 
Elder Grant Ross Schroedter

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