Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mpihatsaravelatsihy sy Fieboeboana‏

Quick shoutout to my little brotha Caleb who had a birthday a couple weeks ago (i wished him personally dont worry) and also to Katy Gillespie...even though thats not her name anymore...someone tell her for me (its the 8th) and then lastly to my favorite sister in laws mother, Joni! and to my best friend and brother Scott Fairwell! the 9th is a big day!

Here are we. Pasted another week. Good is life. Work is the life. How doing today are you all? Whats new? Great was our week.
Oh man its hard to talk malagasy in english, kinda backwards isnt it? oh well thats malagasy! thats my language! imagine that but take out all the "to be" verb forms (is, are) and that malagasy. its great! i love it.
So the two words up top are like my favorite words cause they are hard to pronounce and they are problems that we all have. the first one is:
Mpihatsaravelatsihy - hypocrite. why so long? i think cause it carries so much meaning. haha jk. but its way cool. you sound way good at malagasy when you use it. as long as you pronounce it right and not studder haha
the second word:
Fieboeboana - Pride. most everyones struggle. these two words are interconnected and related on all terms within, around, and about eachother. 

I dont have much inspiration as to how to conquer these but i just give you the words of a simple scripture that is my motto in all things...Jacob, the brother of Nephi, son of Lehi, from the Book of Mormon counsels in chapter 5 verse 12 "O be wise; what can I say more?"
Ill talk about Joseph Smith next week i promise! i felt like i needed to share about those two, for you and especially me to watch out for being a hypocrite and prideful.
Anyways i got a ton of pics! yall ready? i love the mission! 
love your favorite!
Eldera Sorôdera

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