Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Back to 'Tana - Ivandry!‏

Hello fam and dearest friends,
hows it going? not much to say this week! im in a new area and im back in the capitol of Antananarivo. youd be amazed how fast and fluid i can say that now. ill have to wow you later. but my area is called Ivandry. and its reminding of America everyday. weve got the tallest building in Mada right by our house. (over thirty stories) its called the Orange Tower (not Orange but orange is the name of the cell company here) i have no idea how malagasies contructed that but it looks safe. i really wanna go up it haha theres also the ivandry mallwhich is literally an american mall and i have been in it once and i dont ever wanna go back. wow. 

my new comp is awesome. his name is Elder Cooley and he is from Pleasant Grove Utah. hes a stud. we were pretty good friends before (hes only a transfer after me) but now we are definitely bestfriends. we are already super close. its awesome. hes a little like chase but not but is haha no fannypack though. Besides that there is really not much to say.  Just living and loving out here! Oh i didnt get the chance to see Rich darn it. I flew in late Thursday night and by that time he had already left with his trainer out to tamatave which is on the east coast of mada. hes with Elder Koplin! my friend back in the mtc. i also lived with him for 3 months or so. Good for them! 
Anyways i love you all! have a great week! be safe. stay sweet.
Eldera Sorôdera

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