Monday, September 1, 2014

Might lose water and electricty....

So hello family and friends! 

You're probably wondering why i am emailing on your friday morn (my night. 8-9 hr difference here in mada)

Today, a couple hours ago, we received notice that our power (water, electricity, etc.) for ALL of mada will be being cut off do to a problem between the Electric company (who is over control of all Mada {genius}) and the president of Mada. Apparently the prez arrested some head people who work for the company and they got a lil upset so they are going on strike. so we dont know how long we'll be without power but its supposed to go out sunday, we have already gone grocery shopping and received our allotment for this next month. again, who knows how long this will last but i know the Lord will look out for us missionaries, the members, and the people as a whole. we'll be fine. dont worry about us haha its funny actually cause my companion, E. Bowler, when he was set apart, in the blessing portion, it was like "there will be a period of time where you will be unable or not have the works to communicate home" or something but its kinda cool how that was foreshadowed.

anyways! hope your next week is a great one and maybe the next few weeks haha

love you all! stay fresh.


E. Schroe

(these next few weeks)>>#TWP

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