Monday, September 1, 2014

He wrote - with power!!

SO as you can assume the power did not go out. there is still potential. apparently the prez is talking to the prez of the energy company today and will discuss if anything will happen further. slight chance. its too bad cause i was looking forward to the power bein out. woulda been a sweet experience, i guess it doesnt hurt to prepare haha but i am thankful for running water for reasons you can deduce for yourselves haha

well life in the 'Dona is greaaaat, our appointment times arent really set and we go home at dark. most times people arent at their houses so the long walks through rice patties and up hillsides and accross fields are for not. but it isnt worthless. what if they are home? The worth of souls is great in the sight of God. 

At least we have a truck to get all the way out there haha otherwise i dont know man...but my driving has improved! i do drive amid all the craziness...

i didnt bring my planner here to the cyber, which had what i was gonna write about, so oh well. 

living conditions here are real good. running water, one filtered sink, electricity, gated (with barbed wire over the fences all though one section isnt barbed and its way easy to get over...i did it once for fun) but we do have another fence and lock to get inside. its good stuff. nice and safe dont worry.

i keep a journal and a book of little quotes that i like so if i hear one i'll write it down and hopefully i wont lose it or it get soiled so i'll have it by the end of the mish. 

so heres a normal day...

wake up...lie in bed...get up and eat breakfast. change. hour of personal study. hour of companion, and an hour of language. then we eat at this hotely with our housemates (the zone leaders). then head out on our 30 minute drive to manandona. contact for a couple hours, stop by some peoples houses who usualy arent there...and keep goin around. walking around rice patties. up and down hills. all over haha. theres only one road that goes through manandona so the truck can only take us so far. then we head home around 6-ish cause its dark, come home eat. study a little more and hit the hay, i usually go to bed before 10 usually about 9:30. way unusual for me huh? haha i cant just sleep randomly during the day anymore. its not school! haha dont tell caleb that. always pay attention!

We dont have many investigators cause we're really trying to strengthen the members but its about half and half teaching. we always have member with us (they got nothing better to do) haha ones joining us on a real mission in a couple weeks and one is going to England in december, HUGE HUGE culture shock for him. most peoples homes have a couple rooms, but each room is about 4 ft by 8 ft. real small. they have next to nothing. its amazing.

its really easy to be secularly humble here. way easy. you need a shot of that, get on the next plane. (next four planes haha) but it is hard to be gospelly humble. does that make sense? since the branch is so young and there arent as many members. its definitely a work in progress but its coming along.

last thing the power of the adversary is real. one missionary told us all a past mada mission story and it was crazy, and it was dark. Always seek out the Light. We have all been given the Light of Christ. It is not hard to find. Let it strengthen and comfort you. 

I have to walk all the way downstairs if i wanna use the filtered water to brush my teeth #ThirdWorldProbz

Love you all!


Elder Grant Schroedter

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