Monday, September 22, 2014

It's been a hard week....

Salama Tompoko

first off. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAPRI, KRISTI, JOHNATHAN, AND SOON MILLIE! i wish you all an amazing day and a better week then i had haha

well this week was pretty rough but it happens. just a lotta problems.

SO to address the parents questions:

1. How many active investigators do you have?
2. What is your average # of lessons taught per week right now?
3. What percentage of the dialogue do you hear?
4. What attribute do you like most about your companion?
5. Do you have a favorite branch member?

1. We have...lemme think...4 (and thats being generous)
2. This last week (excluding BiM lessons) 4? but usually the average, including RCLA's (recent converts/less actives) and investigators, is like 15-20 here in the Dona.
3. I get about 40 percent of the words but putting them together is way rough...
4. He is patient.
5. Our Branch President is probably my favorite. hes a stud and a hard worker.
so a quick recap of the week i guess. our dog died(alex) on tuesday. taught not many lessons, did a lotta service, (cleared a rice pattie of weeds [got in the mud] and then planted rice in it. also helped build a door for our branch president) i hit a dog in the truck...probably killed. its yelp of pain will destroy me forever...i felt terrible. i dont think anyone cared though cause noone really cares for these dogs. they are mostly strays and 
around. im sorry though. hate me if you want but i dont care anymore. the cars fine too dont worry. just knocked a light in but can easily be poppedback into place. i know, the car was my first worry too. oh and our branch presidency got rearranged. elder bowler is the second counselor and we have a new first counselor, secretary, and assistant. good stuff. psalms 6:6 pretty much describes my week, please read it.

the mission president gave an AMAZING talk in sacrament meeting. a rare occasion. hopefully these people listen. i pray.

PLEASE, if you dont do anything from reading this letter, do this. find out the guy on the Preach My Gospel: District 1 videos name. and see if it isnt the same guy from the santa clause (the one with tim allen), i sincerely think its Tim Allens kid in the movie. the elder is companions with the hawaiian dude. please help me out.

Talk of the week was on Joseph Smith. whether it was the words which struck me or the fact the i had the playlist of the movie pearl harbor goin on in the background, i dont know. but it was way good and i LOVE Joseph Smith. it was from last conference. sunday morning session. Lawrence E. Corbridge was the speaker. 

So i finished the Pearl Of Great Price in a couple days and it never hit me how fundamental and important the Articles of Faith are. like, have you ever read them and went "thats our church, thats what we believe, why dont i have these memorized? why dont i use these to answer peoples questions of what WE BELIEVE?" they are so fundamental. so important. so TRUE. your challenge this week is to commit to memory, three of them. (if you are a non-member reading this email it can be any of them) but if you are a member it cannot be 1, 2, or 4. those should be on lockdown and if you dont have em memorized, there is more for you to do haha also, the second half for you to do is to share at least one of the articles of faith with some one this week AND report back to me. thank you.

Well this week was a one step forward, two steps back kinda week, but we can only go up from here right? i love you all. i pray for you each individually, thank you for your love and support. never forget who you are and your purpose. Alma 42:4. read the Book of Mormon. study it. learn something. love it. live it.

-Elder Schro

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