Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mahjshungah na Mahjahngah‏

Hello Family and Friends, how are you? i am great. i hope you are enjoying the pics and you enjoy this here email! itll be a good one hopefully. we are always lookin for life changing events and i can certainly not assure you that this will be anything like that! whoop whoop. 
We really did have a great week this week! we did work. i know life is not about stats but about the quality, but all im sayin is why cant we put one and one together? so as far as numbers go...we had forty lessons this week with over 30 hours of work. a work well done id say. also...*drumroll* we had twenty investigators at church. lemme tell you about the miracle so we get to church and its the usual - twenty people there when its suppose to start but everyone miraculous shows up right when it starts at about 9.10 or 15. nice one fotoan'gasy. BUT to start (before the actual sacrament) there was ten investigators and i was like "eh ok thats pretty good" i figure one or two will show up after the sacrament doors reopen (we close them, for obvious reasons, during the sacrament) so when they opened i eagerly looked over to see who would come in. at first it looked like no one...but then! they came from outta nowhere seemingly haha and TEN MORE showed up. about 13 people walked in and ten of them were investigators. my heart swelled with joy and just burst with love. it was amazing and one of the closest feelings ive felt to pure Christlike love. oh my goodness. so we had a grand total of 20 investigators at church and they are solid people, its not like they are all 11 and are there cause theres snacks in primary haha but i feel like they are starting to understand the importance of Church! a scripture and story i read in the Liahona bring church attendence and specifically the sacrament to mind. i dont remember but im sure you could find it towards the end of any of the four gospels - "Could ye not watch with me one hour?" It is Jesus - amidst the turmoil of the Atonement - checking on his Apostles who are sleeping when they were asked to wait. so my question to you is - Are you watching with Christ for that one hour of the Sacrament? or are you texting, thinking about what lunch will be, thinkin bout your lesson second hour, or annoying your little brother? my challenge to you all is to pay more specific attention to the Sacrament this week. do it. you will see the blessings in your life.
In other news, i felt sorrow as well. A stud of an investigator told us she couldnt learn anymore. she let a problem come into her life and control her. she was drunk. she will overcome it i know but it will be a challenge. my heart sank, my hopes dropped and for a second i lost faith. another investigator this week was asleep, hungover when we stopped by. isnt that great? the moral of the story. people love you. follow Heavenly Father - youll be happier, those around you will be happier and Heavenly Father will be happier!
i love you all! have a great week! stay classy, be real.
Eldera Sorôdera

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