Sunday, May 3, 2015


Salama Tompoko. Ino kabary?
this week! it started with me completely destroying myself by playing real beach soccer on monday for about 2 hours. not a good idea for missionary work, but my bruised shins have no regrets. waking up tuesday and working that monday night was hard haha nothing like a challenge.
so before i forget my companion, Elder Obioma, said a great quote that i liked and find true. "You cant hope to conquer the spiritual, if you cannot control the physical." True. definitely true.
A weird experience happened this week, it was thursday morning and we get a knock on our door. my comp goes to get it and he sees to white guys and its like, dang french people...but the first thing he hears is "sup dude?" it was two ex-missionaries that had served in mahajanga and were here visiting members and vacationing. We thought they were french and almost didnt let them in cause the one has shoulder length hair and the other - a full beard and stache hahaha the speak REALLY good malagasy and its crazy. if you closed your eyes and listened youd think the one was gasy. they are still here and its intimidating tryin to teach english or teach a lesson in malagasy haha but they are really cool.
We had another bon-fireside this week. it was awesome and the ex-missionaries came too and we had them bear testimony on the prophet (since conference is this comin week for us that was the topic) like i challenged them, i now challenge you. watch conference, but before that prepare three questions that manitikitika ny sainao (tickle your mind) and watch conference ready to have those questions answered. i dont care who you are, i know youll get a testimony of the truthfulness and priesthood power of those men.
oh i had the opportunity to teach a temple prep class. i miss the temple. the missionares teach it every week and this past week was my first time doing it. the temple is necessary and amazing. send me pics of your faovrite temple.
In other news the transfer just ended! we found out last night that Elder Obioma will be transfering to Antsirabe and he will become a Zone Leader! good for him. i miss and love Antsirabe. i know he will do great things. I will be getting an Elder Heiden, he is two tranfers younger than me (a transfer older than my trainee) i cant wait to work with him! im excited!
well other than life being good, i woke up this morning with a bloodshot eye and it felt like someone punched my in the face haha so lets hope i dont go blind from this eye infection. who knows what it is. 
well i love you all! dont forget the those who love you most are always there for you. keep it real. experience something new this week.
Eldera SorĂ´dera

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