Friday, November 21, 2014

Our Motto is.....


and that was our week in a nut shell. probably the hardest ive worked since being here and i cant wait to repeat it for the next 80 something weeks, whoa. 

so i was feelin a little not good monday and tuesday, just from the constant rain and everthing seemed to be flooding through my head. but then i decided, probably the Lord, to just stop that. i dont need that. i told Randry, "dude its your last transfer and i wanna kill it! i want a total of 10 hours by the end of the day. we had 3 hr and 20 min the day previous, but we MADE it. the succeeding days were just as work filled. my goal by the end of wednesday was thirty hours for the week and we hit it right on the dot. it feels so good. i cant wait to work just as hard and forget myself even more.

i learn so much out here. and so much from the emails i receive. thank you.

so a little bit about Ambohimanarina. we are the only branch in tana. and tana is the only place with wards and stakes. there are two stakes in tana. but our ward meets in a building that is four floors high and too small. i have yet to be in the actual sacrament meeting room for the meeting. too small and so many people. BUT there is a new church that has been built. and just needs the contracting of power and water so we are just waiting. its two building...ill take a pic of it sometime. its huge! its the new stake center. we have stake conference there this sunday so hopefully it will be a permanent move. to answer my mothers question, the missionaries dont really get callings, unless the branch is REALLY struggling like Manandona was/is. but all wards have at least 80 members who come to church. our branch has been averaging about 140 the weeks ive been here, idk what it was before. but the work is rolling. we had 28 lessons this week. 30 hours of proselyting time, and 9 investigators at church, the highest yet. things are looking up, but sadly bap dates have been pushed back due to vita soratra (legal marriage) problems, word of wisdom problems and the inability of some investigators to be able to meet with us as of late. but yeah we have like 10 planned and ill probably still be here to see them all! i hope. i love these people and this work.

sorry no challenge or TWP for you this week. survive. i gotta go out to work! love you all.


Elder Grant Schroedter

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