Saturday, November 15, 2014

Hi there!


Just a quick email for you today and I will start with my third world prob. Well it has rained every night for the last 5 days. Which means constant cuts in the power.

Taking 3 hours to get home from the office (usually an hour and 15 minutes) through traffic and only coming home and getting to the cyber to find all power cut, in our house, the local cybers, and the market. #TWP #whenitrainsitpours #patienceisavirtue

Well I will tell my week in pictures. I love you all! Thank you to those who responded to my challenge. your challenge this week is to email three missionaries away from home. (this could include me for those of you who never respond, which is aboult 3/4 my list haha) and then report back. thank you!

i love you all! i hope the pics load and you enjoy them! 


ME (elder schroedter)

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