Saturday, October 25, 2014


Well Hello from Ambohimanarina.
this week was a long one haha just adjusting to the new area and new comp and different foods. So i am in tana yay. i am the most north you can get in tana and right close to the airport so come on in. i am livin with elder koplin, a sick malagasy, a BYU soccer player, a greener elder than me, and another malagasy. so my comp is malagasy and i actually knew his family in my first area! way weird right? his dad was just put as a counselor with my old comp (bowler). way small...mission.ya. this week has been quite the change tho, got to see a bunch of other missionaries i hadnt seen for weeks and some id never seen so it was cool. kind of a bummer that guy even went home. come to find out a second would also go home this week, he being in my MTC group. just a bummer. but ya gotta keep your head up and keep working. so they got different...i shouldnt say different, they have food up here haha they did in antsirabe too but not out in the boonies of manandona. so we eat a lot more hotely food, epiceries foods, and other random stuff on the side of the road. its way good. they have a lotttta bread which is way good. maybe thats the reasons ive been havin stomach problems today and yesterday...lets say the VC count has gone up a couple haha but i love it. oh i also drink a lot of soda. dont think i ever told yall this. i broke the soda fast of six full years on august 25th. tiis birthday. from bday to bday. bam bam. beat that caleb haha but yeah they have a lotta coke, fanta (orange, pineapple and grenadelle) and sprite. goood stuff. and cheap haha
speakin of cheap haha i bought i rolex today for a lil less than four dollars and its probably worth that much. ill prob give it to caleb when i get back cause i dont really want it...lolz.
so last monday we played soccer in antsirabe and me and the guys were talkin about backflips and how i really wanted to do one. so my friend was like, if i do a round off, you have to do a flip so i was like ok cause this guys tall and a big haha but he does it so im like awe crap cause ive never done it off straight ground, but i decided to do a round off into a backflip so it takes me three tries till i try to do a backflip with the roundoff but i nailed it. shocked myself haha first time ever. so we started playin soccer with these malagasies (we won 3-1) haha but i scored one of those and as my celebration i did another one haha it was way sick. id send a video but its back on someone elses camera in antsirabe.
oh today we went to the zoo aka lemur land haha and the guys let us into the cages and feed these things. only lemurs ive seen here so far. but they were way cool. i saw king jullien. there hands are way soft and they are way fast. just a heads up. ill send pics next week...maybe
so a normal malagasies life is like this: they get up early and work all day. then come home when it gets dark haha and thats it. noone is ever home so we pretty much go contacting all day. ya its great.
well i would give you a challenge on something that i studied myself this week buuuuut i only had one actual day of studies amidst all this commotion of moving and interviews and ya. so please, i guess as my challenge, focus a little more each day on YOUR studies. school, church, work, whatever it is. put that little extra effort in, put a little more concentration in, put a little more time in. youll see the difference.
i love you all. have a great week!
Elder Schroedter

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