Sunday, October 12, 2014


Hello,        HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANIELLE AVERY WARDINSKY (born October 9, this thursday) i hope you have an amazing birthday! one birthday down, only one more i have to miss! yessss.

had a GREAT week this week. got transferred to Antsirabe with the Zone leaders. so there was a lotta driving to pick up new guys and them staying over and new trainers and new trainees. there were 13 people that stayed in our house one night. yaaaa. lotta time at the bus stop. so i got to meet a lotta the new guys and see a couple people i hadnt for a while. loved it. got more missionary work done this week than i did in manandona haha oh well.

so im in a trio...for the next couple days. so itll probably be just this week of trio life...cause im gettin transferred again! yay. about my companions first though. there is elder arrieus (are-you) hes french canadian. way sick guy. i lived with him while i worked in manandona so ive known him. we are way tight now haha then there is elder galbreath. hes a cool guy haha but they dont really matter now cause this emergency transfer. apparently there is a missionary going home :( so since we are in a trio at least one of us is gettin switched. im pretty sure im going up to antananarivo. but i think there are other switches besides jsut me. cant i just stay in an area? oh well. its a good thing i love mada and these people. i get to live (i think) with elder Koplin! one of the fab five from the MTC. sucks to leave Covey but glad i get to see kopes all the time. come what may and love it. JB Worthlin. my man.

well i hope you all paid attention in general conference! i get to pay attention to it on the 25 and 26. whoop! hopefully we can get it in english too...haha but ya im way pumped. 

fun fact "simba" means broken. lion king. whoa. jk its not based in mada in malagasy.

and thats all i got this week! oh wait! there were two baptisms in the branch on saturday that i just moved into so that was way sick but they werent mine haha but ive gotten to teach em a couple times. it was a neat experience.

well have a great week! love ya!

Elder Schroedter

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