Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Majunga - La Playa na Ny Morondranomasina‏

So two cool things that happened this week. And they happened within a couple hours of each other.
We taught an amazing lesson, full of the spirit and understanding to one of the humblest families I've met here. They understood. They committed to baptism and they even came to church this week. Rija and Prisida are the parents. AMAZING.
Then a little while later we were waiting at the church and there's a little alley between our church and another and the alley goes to the back patio of the church where most activity is and whatever so we go back there and pass this couple who is in the alley. I go get our member help and Elder Obioma waits at the door cause the couple looked suspicious...the guy (prob drunk) would not let this girl go. She was trying to push away and was like "go home. you need to stop" and stuff like that but he wouldn't. So she shoves him off  and slaps him square in the face. Then he cocks back and pops her with his fist.  My comp just thought "oh no you didn't man" so he runs over to her (I'm barely getting down the stairs and I see and hear the bike drop that he was holding up) and just hear "petreka! petreka tsara!" (sit! sit good!) and I get out and see him holding this guy, laying on him and keeping him on the ground and I see the girl run away.  I'm just like...whoa. Then I heard the story and I had hope for humanity in my companion and I'm glad he stood up for that young lady.
cool stories! love you!


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