Saturday, February 21, 2015

Inona atao hoe...finoana?‏

SO not much this week but i would just like to pose a question to get all your minds stirring and it will lead to my challenge. We worked and we taught and we were sick through it all haha happens. i clocked no more than 2 hours of sleep one night which meant not working most the day. BUT that was all we missed i promise! we did work. reactivation is tough work and agency is hard to beat!

anyways my question. intro - a friend has been emailling me the last couple weeks posing gospel questions and this person believes hardcore in the Bible. Not a problem. so ive in turn, been studyin the Bible more and more and i have seen how beautifully the Book of Mormon and the Bible miara-miasa (work together) BUT! who says the Bible is true? i know i know silly question but its been in my head all week. i believe the Bible, i do. but i have never prayed about it like the Book of Mormon. i have never really read it like the Book of Mormon. but its the Bible, the most widely accepted book accross the world (arguably haha but go with it) but when was the time you prayed if the Bible was true? shouldnt it be important that we pray about all scripture and said "words of God." i think we should. each and everyone of us. i challenge you to read the Bible (at least one section, New or Old) and pray about it! and if you havent done it about the Book of Mormon, well get to it! i think its important that when we accept one weve never heard of and try to read and try to accept through prayer that its equally important to read and pray about one that is just accepted. Just a thought thats been in my head all week as ive taught the importance of the Book of Mormon.

i love you all!! enjoy the pictures. yes i ate that!


Elder Grant Schroedter

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